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I went with my brother to Mallorca for 7 days this summer. We had a fabulous stay that I will never forget. This destination has been chosen by my brother being a road cyclist enthusiast because Majorca is a popular destination for cyclists because of its many roads overlooking beautiful landscapes, but also its mountain passes. So we decided to spend 3 days by bicycle and 3 days by car to visit Majorca. The best location to be close to the best roads was the village of Sóller. So we looked for an electric bicycle and road bicycle rental store in Sóller.

| Which bicycle rental company to choose?

We rented our bicycles in Boris's store: Kilometro Cero Mallorca. We were able to discuss by mail and then by message before our departure to know everything about the bicycles, the prices according to the number of days and also to pick up at the airport. Boris was very reactive and very nice. He pointed us on the routes to be done by bicycle, gave me extra batteries for the long trips... I highly recommend this store if you want to rent a bicycle, it's also a great value for money.
Go check his website ! http://www.kilometrocero-mallorca.com/


| Where to stay ?

We stayed at the hotel Can'abril located in the heart of the village of Sóller and 10 minutes walk from the bicycle rental store. We found this hotel by booking our bicycles because Kilometro Cero works in collaboration with the hotel.

I recommend you 100% the hotel. All the team are very nice people, listening, and endearing. The breakfasts are super good, varied and especially very complete and they prepared them for us and brought them directly to the table. Laurent made sure that the breakfast was adapted to our bike outings, being himself a very good cyclist.

The room was sufficient for the short time we spent in it. It was cleaned every morning.

The location of the hotel allowed us to be in 5 minutes walk to the small train that brings us to the Port of Sóller and 15-20 minutes by bicycle to the Port.

Go check their website ! www.hotelcanabril.com/


Arrival & First day

We arrived in Palma and we met Boris the manager of Kilometro Cero who picked us up at the airport. After that we met Laurent, his father and director of the Hotel Can 'Abril. We immediately felt this family spirit that we liked very much being ourselves on vacation between brother and sister.

On the first day we went to the port of Sóller thanks to the small train that connects Sóller and the port. Note that one way is 7€/person which is quite expensive if you want to make the return trip several times a day. The port is a place we really liked, very cute, quiet and full of bars and restaurants.

Then we picked up our bikes at the end of the afternoon so we went to try them while climbing a small pass to see the sunset on the sea.

| Sóller

Sóller is a lovely village with some restaurant and a beautiful cathedral. It's very quiet, completely suitable for hikers and cyclists and can be suitable for families too. It is a village that we liked a lot because of its charm, and especially because of its location. It is located in the west of the island, in the mountains, which offers us a beautiful setting and especially bicycles rides more incredible one than the other.

Obviously, if you come to Mallorca to party, I do not recommend Sóller lol.  


Day 2 : Sa Calobra

The next morning we climbed Puig Major that leads to the highest point of the island. Then we crossed 2 lakes: the lake embassement de Cuber then the lake Gorg Blau in order to go to Sa Calobra. We thus went down Sa Calobra. It is a small quiet creeks, a very beautiful spot to swim. Then we went back up Sa Calobra, my brother wanted to come to Majorca mainly to climb this famous road known by all passionate cyclists. It is an absolutely magnificent road, full of beautiful laces. Then we returned to Sollèr via Fornalutx, a small village that is absolutely worth the detour.


Day 3 : Valldemossa & Deià

The next day we went, still by bicycle, to Valldemossa. The road to get there is, in my opinion, the most beautiful road to do from Sóller, because it allows us to ride along the sea, on the heights of the island. We also passed through the sumptuous village of Deià, which we visited more extensively a few days later and which I strongly recommend you to visit by walking through the narrow streets and going up to the church to admire the view.

We went down to the port of Valldemossa, the road is very small and steep but it was very nice to do.

Then we went to the village of Valldemossa to eat and then we went back home passing through the famous Coll de Sóller, which at the time, before the construction of the tunnel, connected Palma to Sóller by the mountain. The laces of its pass are magnificent to observe from the summit.


Day 4 : Caló des Moro

The next day we swapped the bicycles for the car to go to the famous Caló des Moro. This place is sumptuous, the water is turquoise, but there is a lot of people and not much space so we decided to go to the Cala S'almunia just next to it, there is much more space, the water is also very beautiful. There are some fish, and several spots for small jumps from the rocks.


Day 5 : Cap Formentor & Playa de Muro

On the 5th day we drove to one of the most beautiful spots of the island which is the Cap Formentor. The road to get there from Sóller is beautiful if you choose to go through the mountains. We were able to drive to the end of the Cap, where the lighthouse is located, ask if you want to go there because at certain times of the year part of the road is only open to bicycles and the shuttle bus.

The road is winding but it is incredibly beautiful. There are several points of view to discover, including the viewpoint Es Colomer not to be missed. The pictures I put up speak for themselves. We ate in the small cafeteria of the lighthouse in the company of two wild goats that were longing for our chocolate muffin. During our meal we saw Menorca appear on the horizon.

Cala Figuera

On the way back we saw from the high road a beautiful cove, which is the Cala Figuera and we saw that there was nobody there so we went there. The water was turquoise and we were practically alone. The setting is beautiful, the only small negative point is that there were some jellyfish in the water, and also unfortunately some plastic that floated.

Playa de Muro

After that we went to the big and beautiful beach of Muro, to swim there and then eat in the restaurant Fons de Mar which doesn't look like much but where we ate a very good burger by the sea.


Day 6 : Bike day from Sóller to Estellencs

6th day, we woke up at 6:30 am to go to admire the sunrise at the lighthouse of the Port of Sóller. We went there by bicycle with Laurent, the manager of the hotel, and Catalia one of his employees and also passionate about cycling. Laurent took us to see this beautiful sunrise behind the mountain, then the four of us left to ride along the sea, passing by the village of Deià and discovering other beautiful villages like Banyalbufar where many stars are settled. We went to Estellencs, the view is magnificent there, then we turned around to return to Sóller, then climb again the pass of Puig Major.

In the evening we went to eat a pizza on the port of Sóller in the restaurant Bodega Sa Torre Pizzeria that I highly recommend, the pizzas are delicious.


Day 7 : Palma de Majorca

7th and last day, we are on our way to visit the capital of Mallorca: Palma. On the road to go there, we pass by some magnificent viewpoints, such as the Mirador de Ricardo Roca.

Unfortunately we had a rainy weather in Palma. We went to the grandiose Catedral of Mallorca and then we walked around the Parc de la Mar. Then we decided to go to the Castell de Bellver on foot from the cathedral. It's a nice walk to do if you walk along the port and then in the different streets of Palma. The walk lasts about 2 hours each way.

| Visit of the Castel

Price : 4€ for adults

We have the possibility to climb on the roof of the Castell de Bellver and admire the 360° view on the bay of palma and the mountains. It is a unique edifice to see, it dates from the 14th century and is built in a Mediterranean Gothic style.

For our last evening we decided to offer ourselves a restaurant with a wonderful view of the sea and the cliffs to admire the sunset. So we went to the restaurant Mirador de Na Foradada, near the village of Deià, we ate there superbly and the view is breathtaking.

This restaurant will have left us with a wonderful memory of our stay in Majorca, which was more than successful, allowed us to meet beautiful people and pushed us, as soon as we left, to return there as soon as possible, to discover more about all the secrets that this island has to offer us.


| Thank you !

I hope you liked this article about what to visit in Majorca!

If you have any other questions please feel free to ask me as a comment.

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